Welcome to MuslimAtheists!

Asalaamu alaykum! (Peace be on you!)

Welcome to the MuslimAtheists blog. 🙂

The aim of MuslimAtheists is to share thoughts and give advice to Muslims, or anyone who needs help in finding guidance after becoming confused between Religion and Atheism.

Our aim on this website is to give convincing arguments which show that;

– Atheism isn’t the correct and default paradigm humans should believe in to be true to science and themselves.

– There are other ways in life which will make the human a more successful person. Since life is about being the most successful, right?

– Islam makes alot of sense (in some cases more than Atheism), and has alot of signs (aayaat) in support of it truly being from a God (Divine being).

This website will cover all sorts of; Discussions, Arguments, counter-arguments, and even emotional advice to people who followed the guidance before but have now become lost.

We hope you enjoy your stay here, and we look forward to your replies!

The MuslimAtheist Team.


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